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The Book
Synopsis of The Wright Choice
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Written by Chris Labod
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 19:22


The Wright Choice -

Your Family Prescription for Healthy Eating, Modern Fitness, & Saving Money

By Randy Wright, MD and David Tabatsky

Featuring 50 Quick ‘n Easy Recipes from Chef Mark Holley

With a Foreword by Paul Osteen, MD, Lakewood Church


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The Wright Choice Book CoverAmericans know they should be healthy, but making health a priority often falls last on the to-do list for today’s average family. Parents are working full-time, juggling kids’ hectic schedules and managing their money to save for the future. Many families are trying to eat what they think is healthy but all too often settle for the drive-through at a fast food chain because it’s easier than making a balanced meal at home. When it comes to exercise, mom and dad belong to a gym but by the time they get home, get the kids fed, bathed, and finished with homework, it’s time for everyone to go to bed. Sound familiar?

The Wright Choice is an easy-to-understand “Self-Help” book for Americans who know they should be healthy but don’t think they can fit it into their busy schedules, and aren’t really sure what being healthy means. It’s the modern American family’s one-stop shop for overall good health, written especially for busy moms and dads who need some practical guidance on how to make health not only achievable but realistic.

Dr. Randy Wright, American Heart Association nationally recognized neurologist and medical director based in Houston and David Tabatsky, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul – The Cancer Book, have created an easy-to-understand guide to longer and healthier lives for today’s on-the-go family.

Dr. Wright confesses that until he began this project, he, his wife Crystal and their two small sons were the typical busy family that didn’t make their own health a priority. He candidly shares how Randy, the husband and father, had his own struggles with constantly eating fast food and making excuses for not exercising, but eventually took a spoonful of his own medicine (“A Healthy Heart Starts in the Mind”) and began making realistic lifestyle changes that accommodated his demanding schedule.

Woven throughout this tell-all health guide that addresses everything from the truth about Twinkies to the financial gain of being fit, the confusion of fats, good fats and trans fats, as well as how to get fit at home, are several sections that actually make health fun and easy to follow:


  • Randy’s Rules – Simple tips to jot down, highlight or make into a personal mantra
  • The Wright Advice – The raw truth about nutrition and exercise to take to heart
  • Exercise Breaks – Don’t think you’re going to get through this book sitting down
  • DocSpeak and Patient Testimonies  - Real stories from real people
  • Medical Myths – The truth behind the myths that might just save your life
  • 50 Quick ‘n Easy Recipes – Mouth-watering meals to fatten your wallet not your  waist


Americans might take their health today more seriously if they realized how much money it could save them right now and in the future. Having a 401K or pension is a top priority for most, but each year, more Americans are too sick to enjoy the money they have worked so hard to preserve. They feel shortchanged, and their “golden years” are not turning out to be so golden. The Wright Choice brings to light a very simple “Ah-ha” moment when it suggests, just as you shouldn’t start planning for retirement a mere five years before you stop working, that you shouldn’t start living healthy only when something goes wrong.


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