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Written by Chris Labod
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 16:56


Randy Wright and David Tabatsky have succeeded in creating a book that not only instructs and motivates. It entertains! It’s probably the most enjoyable book on family health on the market today. And the food is terrific!
Bruce Kluger
USA Today Board of Contributors


Every chapter of “The Wright Choice” avoids negativism and rueful appraisal of our ever-expanding waistlines, and focuses on the psychological underpinnings of healthy living: love of family and self, understanding why we eat what we eat, and the importance of exercise. Those of us that deal with devastating neurological diseases know that the best therapy is preventive, and the best prescription for a healthy life is to prevent disease before it starts. This book encompasses what is best in modern medicine together with potential pathways for achieving the ultimate goal of disease-free futures.
Stanley H. Appel MD
Director, Methodist Neurological Institute
Houston, Texas


Dr. Wright’s book perfectly supports our theme – “Be Safe! Be Respectful! Be Responsible!” His prescription for good food, exercise, and community awareness offers our students and their families a terrific model for healthy living.
L. Gail Garrett, PhD.
Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District


As someone professionally committed to healthy eating, I find Dr. Wright's prescriptions are perfect for American families. Randy is not only a doctor; he's a teacher!
Donna Leonard
Founder, Diet Gourmet and TruMeals


Mark Holley has created a perfect blend of recipes for today’s busy families, incorporating healthy ingredients, which are easy to make, taste great and won’t break your wallet.
Chef David Cordua
Houston, Texas


In "The Wright Choice," Dr. Wright encourages tactics that we feel are very important including: Be aware of what you are really eating, so that your choice is an informed one, and prepare most of your meals at home from fresh whole ingredients.  Combined with Chef Holley's easy to execute recipes, the book provides families with important building blocks for healthy eating.
Gracie Cavnar
Founder & CEO
Recipe for Success Foundation


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