Biography of David Tabatsky
Written by Chris Labod
Monday, 24 January 2011 20:41

David TabatskyDAVID TABATSKY was born in Pennsylvania and spent his formative years in New England. He attended Adelphi University in Garden City, New York, completing his Bachelor’s Degree, cum laude, with studies in film, television and radio—as well as theatre and dance.

After graduating college, David moved to Hartford, Connecticut where he performed and produced a series of one-man shows at The Hartford Stage Company and The Protean Theatre. In 1981, David ran a strangely successful campaign for Mayor of Hartford. Despite losing the election by dubious means, David departed Hartford with no hard feelings and headed for the concrete pastures of New York City.

David subsequently became very busy in the New Vaudeville scene and participated in the first New York Clown Theatre Festival. He performed with The Bond Street Theatre Coalition and The No Elephant Circus and toured extensively with a partner, Bette LaRusso, as Vaudeville Heaven. By 1986—after chasing a chicken in a Burger King commercial (to pay the rent) and a few too many Bar Mitzvah gigs—it was time for a change. David traveled to Tokyo and, out of the blue, established a career there as a variety artist, performing on the streets, in theatres, hotels and festivals.

In 1988, David returned to America and Adelphi University, graduating the following year with a Masters Degree in Educational Theatre, 4.0 G.P.A. (not to brag, but this is a self-promoting website).

David eventually made his home in Berlin, where he co- wrote, choreographed and directed a circus theatre piece, Taborka, which is still running at the iconic Tempodrom. Over the next few years, David completed a trilogy of solo productions (The Man with Three Balls, How I Survived My Jewish Mother and Help! I Married a German) and created Meschugge in Paradise, a multi-media piece inspired by the Bible and how it intersects with modern television. He also wrote two editions of What’s Cool Berlin, a comic travel guide and renegade dissertation on life in Germany’s capital beyond The Wall. Both books sold out.

David performed in Paris at the legendary Follies Pigalle, as well in London. His solo show won critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Stage described David as “a supremely skillful performer and a fine actor...he reaches levels which no other comics have matched at this Fringe.”

As a journalist, David has contributed articles and columns to the Sesame Street Workshop, Parenting magazine and The Forward. Some of his editorials appear online at Associated Content.

He was a Consulting Editor for Marlo Thomas' bestselling book, The Right Words at the Right Time, Volume 2: Your Turn! (Atria Books 2006). He is also completing a memoir on Japan, writing a children's theatre textbook, and creating a new performance piece on parenthood, based in part upon his research with The Fatherhood Project.

David and his colleague, Bruce Kluger, have collaborated on a new book, Dear President Obama: Letters of Hope From Children Across America, which will be available for online purchase only beginning in spring 2009. All in all, it was the best of times. It was the worst of times. And, then he lost his watch.

To be continued.

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