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Written by Chris Labod
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 19:29


The Wright Choice -

Your Family Prescription for Healthy Eating, Modern Fitness, & Saving Money

By Randy Wright, MD and David Tabatsky

Featuring 50 Quick ‘n Easy Recipes from Chef Mark Holley

With a Foreword by Paul Osteen, MD, Lakewood Church


Sample Question/Answer

Question – What’s The Wright Choice about?

Answer – The Wright Choice is the modern family’s one-stop shop for overall good health, written especially for busy moms and dads who need some practical guidance on how to make health achievable and realistic.

Question – Why did you write the book?

Answer – Through daily contact with my patients, it dawned on me that even though they knew they needed to be healthy, they didn’t understand how to be healthy, nor did they realize the benefits of simple nutrition and exercise. When I gave them resources to help them accomplish their health goals, they got overwhelmed and often gave up because the information was too complicated. I realized there needed to be an easy-to-follow guide that could “uncomplicate” health even for the busiest family.

Question – What do you hope families gain from reading your book?

Answer – I hope families discover how a healthier lifestyle benefits every aspect of their life: from energy, to less time and money spent on health care, to decreasing dependency on pharmaceutical drugs. And, just like you shouldn’t start planning for retirement five years before you stop working, living healthy should not start only when something goes wrong.

Question – It’s easier for busy families to pick up fast food than to cook a healthy meal, much less fit the gym in there somewhere. How do you propose parents work all day, cook healthy meals, exercise, help with homework, get kids to t-ball practice, back home, bathed and to bed?

Answer – Living healthy is not a place that you suddenly arrive and then all is good. It’s the end result of a series of right decisions you make on a daily basis. This book will help parents become outstanding health role models for their children. It demonstrates how simple time-saving, and often money-saving, information can be turned into action that will accommodate the most hectic of schedules.

Question – What are some concrete tips to prove that health can be realistic for today’s busy family?

Answer –Make an egg white omelet with whole wheat toast and fresh fruit instead of slugging down a cup of coffee with refined sugar and a pastry in the morning. The extra five minutes it takes to make the omelet will give you four extra hours of energy all day.

Your dining room can be turned into a home gym saving you time and money.

If old enough, put your kids in charge of at least one meal every day for a week.

Question – How can being healthy save families money?

Answer – Planning ahead what you will need to execute the menus you select is an excellent start. You eliminate waste, save money and reduce all that decision-making, saving you valuable time. Food, money, and health are very much related. Did you ever stop to consider the relationship between what you eat and how much you pay - or will pay in the future - for your health care? Your golden years may not end up so golden, as is the case with many of my patients.

Question – It wasn’t too long ago that you and your family were typical busy health “offenders.” What were your bad habits and how did you change them?

Answer – We constantly ate fast food and made excuses for not exercising, but eventually developed a healthy mindset and made realistic lifestyle changes that accommodated our demanding schedules. We plan our meals in advance, turned our home into a gym, and make exercise fun for the family.


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